One doesn’t need the acknowledgement from others to acknowledge one’s self

I’ve never needed a reward or anybody’s praise to feel good about myself.

I know who I am and I know what I’m capable of doing.

If no one ever took notice of my abilities it would not have made me any less able.

There is so much more to many of us than what a lot of others can see or perceive upon the surface.

What about the other qualities or faculties in which we may possess?

What about our character, how our minds think, what we stand for, what we believe in, the very things in which define our being of substance?

Those of us who are strong and confident don’t require anyone to validate us. Our existence and state of being is proof enough of affirmation, we don’t need confirmation.

The very first award I remember to have received was at the age of seven or eight, I was presented a pen in front of my entire school auditorium for being one of the best readers among all the other students.

From then on, I’d constantly receive certificates, awards, and tokens of achievement, whether at school or on my jobs.

Of course, these exhibits of recognition are very nice and enough to make our parents and those who believe within our capacity very proud of us and of our accomplishments.

I just feel praise and awards are just words and objects in which one shouldn’t expect to depend on when it comes to self worth or self value, and going forward to attain one’s aspirations.


3 thoughts on “Recognition”

  1. Very true, i got the feeling that people need to work on themselves to get to that point but that we are born that way, i think personality and ego needs acceptance and gratification, but when you arent identified with your personality but with your spirit you are complete just in BEING, you dont need anything outside any acceptance anything you just feel whole just being, alive or dead its the same, you are just conciousness, the body is just borrowed so how could people be so much identified with their personality and anything outside of them on material plane.


    1. I appreciated your words. I enjoyed you elaborating on the subject and exchanging your viewpoint. You are accurate in what have you stated.

      With some though, it is learned behavior originating at childhood with some people’s parents pushing their children to achieve high demands then pressuring them if they fail to meet their parents standards or the standards of others and their expectations.

      When children are continuously praised for an achievement then criticized for what may be looked upon as a disappointment they’re being sent the wrong message.

      Instead of criticism they need encouragement and understanding and the opportunity to be who they genuinely are and allowed to follow their own field of choice without having to measure up to anyone and develop into the healthy and individual person they were meant to be.

      So some children (not all) develop insecurities on account of these wrong instills of value placed upon them and it follows some of them into adulthood where they feel the need to compete with others,
      and the need and desire for the approval of others in order to feel good about themselves.

      It is so sad and unnecessary but it is the way of the world with those in particular.


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